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A cat can not be owned, but they still need an owner on paper. Cats have not changed since the pyramids were built. Their kind reached perfection the moment they realised they could be cute and autonomous simultaneously. That said, Dovah the sharehouse cat needed a promo article to help them find a forever home.


After playfully shredding up a few drafts, Dovah and I found an angle that we both loved.


With a quick turn around, the process was both fun and rewarding. Dovah even gave his paw-print of approval!

paw prints

The Article

He may hide under your bed for the first week or two, but once he trusts you he will give you all the love in the world. With the kind of tough love that cats are known for, all the cuddles and purrs are instantly retracted the moment you have a tiff. These quarrels will be rare however as he is easy going and not one to beg (cat pride, right?). Dovah will only really muster up a slightly perturbed disposition after you “abandon” him for a weekend getaway.

Dovah's love mainly comes in the forms of nose smooches, gentle purrs and night-time snuggles. He favours a position near you during the day, following you room to room and sitting just close enough for pats. True to his other cat-strengths he is super cheeky and inquisitive, always up for a game of chasey or hide and seek with a cat-can-do attitude.

Extending a welcoming paw to dogs and ferrets alike, he is well-mannered around other animals and possibly open to a home with other furry friends. Apply today to set up a meet and greet and start your journey together!

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