Forté Worthy

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Forté Worthy


About the Brand

Forte was looking to build an online presence that reflected their ethical startup. The company promotes self-empowerment using modern self-reflection methods and group programs.

I was excited to help get their brand out there, promoting their important work for men's mental health and improving communication and authenticity in the world.

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The Approach

Project goals:
- Helping users understand what this unique product is about
- Showcasing the benefits and features
- Building a rapport with clients

Forte has an amazing presence and energy that we sought to bring to their website, giving it a harmonious and uplifting vibe. We ensured that authenticity and connection were featured front and centre to help build trust from the get-go.


The Process

Through planning meetings, we developed a clean layout that conveyed the key messages, met budget requirements and set us up for the ongoing needs. Some features included adding colour to images, a modern navigation menu and clear action boxes.

I worked alongside a graphic designer to pair logos and font-type across digital branding.

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